On January 18, 1998, the “Emergency Services Volunteer Length of Service Award Program was signed into law. This program is more commonly known by the acronym “LOSAP.” The statute defines a LOSAP as “a system established to provide tax-deferred income benefits to active volunteer members of an emergency service organization.”

The Fire Department has asked Borough Council to institute a LOSAP program in the Borough to support the VOLUNTEERS that put their life on the line to protect you, your family and your property. Borough Council has agreed to institute the program. But in order for them to implement the program it must be approved by you the voters.

The Fire Department is now asking for your help. The residents of Paulsboro will have a say on starting a LOSAP program. The question will be on the ballot during the general election in November, at which time we hope that we will be able to count on your support.

Why should you support such a program? The answer is simple; one of the most practical benefits of LOSAP programs is that they can be used as a tool to ensure retention of existing volunteer members and to provide incentives for recruiting new volunteer firefighters.

On behalf of all the dedicated men and women of The Paulsboro Fire Department we would like to thank you for your support on LOSAP in November

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