Membership Process
Friday, March 12, 2010 
I have heard there is some confusion on how someone becomes a member of the Fire Department and I hope this will clears things up a little.

If a individual is interested in becoming a member of department first they must pick up a application packet.
These are available in either the front silver box at station 1 or in the office.
Step 1: They need to fill out the cover page of the application.
Step 2: They need three references to fill out the reference vouchers(the reference must fill them out not the applicant).
Step3: They must obtain a driver license abstract from the Division of Motor Vehicles(cost of $10.00).
Step 4: To speed up the process they should submit the cover page of the application to the respective association(either association process will take it from there with interviews from both association and department personnel).
Step 5: They must contact Detective Vern Marino and make an appointment to be finger printed and interviewed(at this step they must turn in the application packet to him).
Step 6: We wait for the background to come back (4 to 6 weeks unfortunately).
Step 7: Once the Police has OK’d the application they will go to council for approval.
Step 8: Council approves and we send to Riverfront Medical  for physical/Pulmonary Function Test/SCBA Fit Test{Scot AV300 mask}(letter from chief to approve physical).
Step 9: Once physical is passed their application is notarized and sent to the State for acceptance.(Secretary of Relief Association will handle this).
Step 10: Once final approval submit voucher for reimbursement of $10.00 DMV charge.
Step 11: Issue Pager and Turnout Gear(Advised of roles and responsibilities).
Step 12: Register for Fire Fighter 1 Program or provide state certificate of completion.
I know it seems like a long process but unfortunately this is the process.
I have trying to work with the PD to possible use and outside firm for background but there is an added cost we would have to pay and I would need approval from council to do this.
The police has said once the electronic finger prints are up and running it should drop of background check time in half.
We will wait and see…
I will put this procedure in with the application packet so everyone is on the same page
Michael A. Licciardello
Chief Paulsboro Fire Department

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