Monday, June 7, 2010 
Here is a list of Drills & Events for the Summer of 2010. (All drills are subject to change).


6/8 - Marine Rescue Operations - Large & Small Boats.

6/22 - Hose Line and Pump Operations with Station 21-1

6/26 - Marine Rescue Drill w/ Bridgeport (tenative). Saturday drill.

7/13 - Tug of War Operation (Team Building Exercise).

7/27 - Bucket Brigade, Hose Line Advancement & Barrel Fight (Team Exercise)

8/10 -  Bucket Brigade, Hose Line Advancement & Barrel Fight (Team Exercise).

8/24 - Relay Pumping (LDH Task Force.)


8/15 -  Wheaton Village (Possible FD BBQ).

8/21 - Gibbstown Pool Party (FD Function).

More details on these events to follow.

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